Our Values

We partner with and support our portfolio companies and the founders that built them

We like to spend time understanding our portfolio companies and the founders that built them. People and relationships matter. We contribute vision, capital and support in areas of expertise and respect those of our founders. We collaboratively enable our portfolio companies to reach their full potential.

  • AMS Group

  • AMS Group

Our Values
Mutual respect,
mutual success
We partner, support and understand our portfolio companies and the founders that built them. People and relationships matter. We contribute vision, equity and support in our field of expertise and always respect theirs; so we can collaboratively enable the business to reach its full potential.

We believe that diversity of thought delivers sustainable competitive advantage


We form genuine and authentic relationships in our dealings with all stakeholders. We do what we have said we are going to do.


We believe in forming genuine business partnerships with the founders and management teams of our portfolio companies. We are constructive active ‘hands-on’ investors.


We treat all stakeholders, founders, investors, employees and advisers with respect and integrity.

Owners mindset

We believe that the best investment outcomes are derived where the manager has significant ‘skin in the game’ and acts and thinks like business owners.


We believe that strong risk adjusted returns through the cycle are achieved through adopting a longer-term perspective.


We believe that focusing on 3-5 key priorities and executing them well will outperform ‘half-baked’ execution on a broad range of initiatives.


We believe that diversity of thought delivers sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Glen Marshall

    As the CEO of a CCP portfolio company I am afforded a wide remit to deliver results. Through CCP, I am supported by an impressive team of financial, operational, and administrative specialists who are constantly poised to help whilst wary not to intrude. This is a formidable resource that I rely upon for industry intelligence, qualified leads into customers and emerging technology and importantly, the due diligence heavy lifting. Our company board, assembled by CCP, comprises industry’s most dynamic leaders, strategic thinkers and connected individuals. The Board are active in the business; seeking opportunities to open doors or support operational initiatives. CCP has positioned this portfolio company for success through its active management processes combined with an energising delegation of control to its CEO
  • Dan Beatty

    Founder and CEO, Clear Dynamics
    Colinton Capital are much more than an investor, they’re a partner. The Colinton team have been integral to many of our most impactful decisions and milestones.
  • Rosheen Garnon

    Chairman Alexium
    Alexium International Group Limited has been part of the CCP portfolio since December 2019. We are listed on the ASX and with CCP as our largest shareholder, we are focused on becoming a high growth technology company. The CCP team have actively supported management in areas such as strategy and business plan development, capital and debt market advice, marketing and sales strategies, target operating model and investor relations. They guide and coach management in a collaborative manner providing insights from their vast experience. This has supported acceleration of our strategy and a repositioning of the business as an innovation partner who solves our customers’ problems.